Give Your Vehicle TLC to Improve Performance

Traveling in the summer heat can put a lot of wear and tear on any vehicle. Though you may be pretty good at keeping up with your car’s maintenance requirements, it doesn’t hurt for you to go the extra mile to give it some additional TLC. Regardless of if you use your ride for strictly work purposes, leisure or both, you can’t get by without thinking of the auto body shop near me.

Once you’ve got an idea of which shop to make your summer home, it’s time for you to think about the extra things you can do to keep your vehicle in good shape for the season. Here are a few suggestions.

Keep it Clean

You don’t have to be the cleanest car owner on the block, but you should make a little more effort to keep your ride nice and neat on the inside and clean and shiny on the outside. Don’t leave trash or clutter lying around in your vehicle. The summer heat can cause ink and other substances to spoil and leach into your upholstery and leave behind some nasty and hard to remove stains and smells. It can also cause mud, insect guts and other stuff to bake into your car’s exterior and leave behind scratches, dings and other unsightly blemishes.

Keep Track of Tire Pressure

The heat causes pavement temperatures to skyrocket. Also, the longer you drive, the more heat your tires absorb from the roads. Extreme heat can cause you to … Read More . . .